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Roberto Weigand

Roberto Weigand was born in Brazil in 1968. He studied architecture in São Paulo University and in 1991, started working as an illustrator for newspapers, magazines and children’s books. From 1999 he worked as an illustrator and infographist for Veja magazine. In 2001 he became responsible for Istoé magazine covers and in 2002, started to write for Publish magazine. 

As an illustrator he won the following prizes in Brazil: Ofélia Fontes Award (1998), Jabuti Award (1999) for Children's Illustration. For image editing he won two Esso Award (2000 and 2002) for the magazine Graphic Creation. He works with a computer, using different styles and techniques to illustrate given his experience with graphic design and photomanipulation. Today he works on commission of book publishers and sells his art online.