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The Baby Shower Gift That’s a Surefire Win

Ahh, baby showers. Frilly ribbons and frosted cupcakes on a sunny afternoon, everyone dressed oh-so-prettily and an easy, good time is had by all. But, wait...what will you buy the expecting parents that will make your gift stand out from the rest? First off, the rule of thumb when shopping for a baby shower present is to focus more on the parents, and less on the baby. Newborns are too busy crying, nursing, and pooping to care about what Aunt Jolene got them. But some couples already have everything they need, and buying a gift - especially for couples who have had kids previously and don't need another bottle warmer or diaper caddy - requires some out-of-box thinking. These kinds of parents, more experienced and relaxed, are sure to appreciate a less conventional, cool baby shower gift, especially if it’s something they can enjoy at the same time as their baby.

Twinkle, Twinkle

The nursery is where most of the action plays out during the first few months of baby’s life, and more often than not, there will be whole nights spent in the nursery by either one or both parents.

Babies are often fitful, colicky, or uneasy for a multitude of reasons, which is why it’s so important for their nurseries to provide as relaxing an atmosphere as possible. This is where soft lighting, like the one provided by our beautiful Lightbox back-lit art frame, comes into play and can be a real godsend for both parents and baby, alike.

Featuring beautiful, specially-selected nursery art, the Lightbox creates a relaxing ambiance in the nursery with a soft, soothing glow that’s bright enough for nighttime changes and feedings, but neither garish nor intense enough to wake the baby (or a snoozing mom or dad).

Easy on the Eyes - In Every Way

We created the Lightbox with great attention to detail, ensuring it casts a warm, ambient glow. Incorporating art, an amazing patented frame, and a light fixture in one, it's the ideal gift for every nursery.

Imagine their faces when they open the box, discover the gorgeous art, and then - TA DA! - turn it on! If you’re not there to *actually* see their eyes light up, you should definitely expect a gushing phone call and a bunch of pics. The clear winner of this baby shower: You.

If you’ve got a baby shower coming up, we can’t recommend the Lightbox enough. As with all our products, satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, and we can’t wait to hear from you about how much they loved your present!

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