5 Answers on How to Make a Huge, Eye-Popping Impression with the Lightbox!

Updated: May 10, 2020

The questions answered below address how you can easily decorate any walls with a Lightbox print frame, making any area you place it a beautiful inspiration for your home.

Lightbox wall art frames highlight beautiful prints.

Lightboxes come in a variety of sizes and colors. Art: "Paul Wait" by Eran Webber

Better Than Plaster’s Lightbox Frame Placement Guide

Q: What is a Self-Illuminating Frame’s effect on where I set it? A:  A self-illuminating frame is a special, advanced and relatively new frame design that is built in a way that literally sheds light onto (and through) your image in a whole new way. This gives any piece you present in the Light box a whole new sense of perspective and it makes a wonderful impact on your new home decor style. And it makes the depicted work of art a center of attention.

Q: How does a Back-lit LED frame highlight color and contrast of art? A: The technology that powers the Lightbox backlit LED frame is designed and built in such a way that every inch of the showcased image is evenly lit to give the best impression to everyone who gazes into the image for a long while, or just catches a glimpse of what it contains, in passing. This technology makes your placement especially more visually pleasing.

Q: Are Lightbox wall art frames durable, lightweight frame in black or white, and easy to mount on any wall? A: Yes. Our Lightbox design is such that it is in fact relatively strong, light in its overall weight, and it is very easy to mount on any wall. Our Light box is a rather hi-tech frame for unique, special, prints, worthy of its luminous capabilities. This makes them especially convenient for your placement needs.

Q: What are some of the best places to set a Lightbox in order to make the best impression by showcasing the art it displays? A: You know how you like to see nice things on the walls of the rooms you spend lots of time in? That’s because wall art, and specifically the selection of objects and framed images you hang, is a vital part of the process of decorating. As with many things, the hardest step is the first. After that, it gets easier. 

Here are six fantastic frame placement ideas for your Lightbox:

  1. Set it in a darker area of a room, or in a generally low-light ambiance

  2. Place it on the wall opposite your bed in the master bedroom. 

  3. Lightbox frames are also a fantastic solution to bring light to a windowless room like a basement.

  4. Install it in a study that has a well-suited space for a framed art print

  5. Put it in a cozy, low-light area of your living room, where its brilliant colors will pop-out from the background.

  6. Set it in an area between rooms, ie a space between the Living Room and Dining Room, where your select art and its gorgeous frame may be shown with the due visibility it deserves.

Q: What does your stylish frame say about you? A: Your wall art frame says a lot about you. What you have chosen as a display instrument for your chosen visual expression for each room, tells your visitors that you put a great deal of thought and care into how your home is presented, seen and thought of, even long after your guests leave.

Just as important as the quality of the image, the piece should be well lit, as with the pictured Lightbox frame seen here, in the middle of the wall, opposite the entry, with the center of the wall art positioned slightly above eye level.  So when you focus on picking your living room’s centerpiece, from the frame to the printed illustration, it adds visual impact when you place it with open, uncluttered space around it, like opposite a doorway.  From subtle, abstract images to hyper-realistic works of art in sleek new frame designs that visually-enhance prints, we’re thrilled to share these great wall art frame ideas to raise your picture framing skills to the next level. 

We hope you loved these ideas as much as we do! And we hope that you find the tips useful and practical, and these magnificent frames which are in and of themselves beautiful works of art inspirational for your home decorations plans.


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