Top 3 Art Gifts That Will Inspire Art Lovers

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Finding the right gift to give someone you care about can be a daunting process. You want to offer them something unique that perfectly reflects the recipient and their interests, but also an item they’ll be able to use and enjoy throughout the year. What you give really makes a statement about how you feel towards the giftee-no pressure, right? But we have the perfect solution: art.

Art can carry underlying messages or reflect causes that are important to the people that matter in your life. The art we display is more than decoration; it is representative of our passions and values.

Better Than Plaster, which features affordable artwork by talented emerging artists, can help you find the best pieces to gift. Our archival prints can be a beautiful present on their own (and starting at $20, a steal), or you can opt to include a lightbox with the print to really give the piece an eye-catching display ($199 for a uniquely framed art piece, print included, with a backlight).

We believe in shining a light on art, and giving a voice to artists and issues that deserve to be heard.

Check out three examples of important causes and the artwork that reflects them. In giving art, you can send a powerful message while letting your loved one know how much you understand what truly matters to them.

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  1. Empowerment: For the strong, independent figure you know who lives life on their own terms, an art piece reflecting empowerment will be a powerful statement both about the recipient’s character and values, as well as your support and admiration of them. Empowerment signifies the process of becoming stronger and more confident. A piece centered around empowerment or created by an artist with a powerful life story could be perfect, for example, for the dynamic female figure in your life. You could gift a piece created by empowered women with personal stories ranging from finding creativity from motherhood, or from overcoming an abusive relationship. Whether the artist’s story or the piece itself, you’ll be giving a deeply personal gift that will be incredibly impactful for someone you care about.

  2. Equality: For the compassionate figure in your life, work geared around equality will be a meaningful way to appreciate their dedication to creating a better world. Your choice to gift a piece with an equality theme can communicate to the recipient how much they inspire you. It will also mean supporting a store or gallery that acknowledges the importance of equality-themed works, helping to ensure that this type of art continues to be created. Examples of this could be work about self-acceptance, mental health awareness, and LGBTQ rights. The tremendous effect art has on people will be evident when your recipient sees the care and thought you’ve put into their present.

  3. Conservation: From ocean preservation to fighting deforestation, art about conservation will serve as a wonderful gift for someone who cares about honoring preserving our earth’s resources. Gifting a piece about nature will tell them that you’re not only recognizing their passion, but you’re also helping to bring awareness to important environmental causes. They’ll be able to display the piece prominently in their home, allowing them to start a discussion with visitors who admire the piece and keeping their dedication to the world front and center in their lives and on their walls.

You will also be giving the gift of becoming a patron of the arts, helping to support your favorite artists and continuing the cycle of art creation for generations to come. Invest in art and make your next gift truly count both in the present and the future.

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