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Gift-Buying for Your Guy(s) – You Can Do It!

Updated: May 10, 2020

Look, it's bound to happen soon. His birthday might be coming up, graduation’s around the corner, anniversary's coming around, and OH, those pesky holidays that keep coming around! The inevitable is here - it's time to buck up and face the beast that is BUYING A GIFT FOR THE GUY IN YOUR LIFE (insert B-movie horror scream here). And we’re referring to ALL men, here. Brothers, sons, dads, and guy friends are just as difficult to shop for as your significant others. We all know that battery packs and USB hubs have their uses, but they don’t quite say 'I love you' – at least not in the way most of us would like to express it. So, while that special guy in your life might be into all kinds of cool stuff, sometimes buying him a meaningful gift can be a soul-crushing task. How do you get him something he’ll appreciate and actually use, as opposed to stick in a drawer and only bring out when you show up? How do you get past the doubts, the ‘he’s impossible to shop for’ excuses and ‘he already has everything he needs’ cop-outs?

We've put together some ideas that will hopefully make your next gift-buying excursion a bit easier to bear.

Timeless Gifts are Always in Style No matter how old he is – and we realize most millennials will probably disagree with us (until they turn a certain age) – every guy should have a few quality items on hand. These include a wallet, a watch, and a nice pair of sunglasses.

Nothing says cool like a pair of trendy specs

These don't have to be crazy=expensive, but bear in mind that a high-quality gift is always appreciated and lasts longer.

The bonus to all of these: They’re always on his person and can all be personalized, so he’ll always be reminded of you. Extra points: Stick a pic of yourself in the wallet. Aww.

Gadgets & Geekware Whether he’s into superheroes, sci-fi, or gadgets in general, your guy must love to nerd out in some way or another. Believe it or not, aside from the ubiquitous gaming consoles and drones flooding today's market, there are a ton of innovative, useful gadgets out there that could put a huge smile on his face. Think cool, but also practical.

Is he a gamer? Does he hang out in his man-cave for hours? How about a super-comfortable desk chair for his poor back? Or a mini-fridge so he doesn’t have to pause his game to go ALL THE WAY to the kitchen!

For the coolest of man-tuaries (it's a word!), our ultra-sleek, never-fails-to-impress Lightbox comes highly recommended. A back-lit art frame and light fixture in one that will boost up the cool factor of his favorite room.

It comes in loads of art styles he’s sure to love (sci-fi, nature, abstract art, photography prints, etc.) – browse our gallery with him and have him choose, or select the artwork by yourself and we’ll include a FREE voucher for an extra art insert that he can order himself. Which brings us to the other awesome thing about the Lightbox: The art itself can be replaced in mere seconds, and new inserts can be ordered anytime for just $20-$25. It’s the awesome gift that keeps on giving!

Don’t skip the kitchen! When seeking out gifts for men, most of us immediately think of something for either his computer/TV room or tool shed. But did you know that there are some super-cool kitchen gadgets guys tend to love and request regularly? Bread-making machines top the kitchen-gadget list for men (turns out dudes can’t get enough of home-made bread!), closely followed by mills or grinders of any kind (pepper, coffee, spices, nuts), and hot-sandwich presses. _____-of-the-Month clubs No longer just offering the usual array of artisanal cheeses, meats, hot sauce, and booze, today’s list of subscription boxes is practically never-ending. Just think of something he enjoys – anything! - and there’s a sub box for it out there. For any age and affinity.

BBQing? Check. Sports? Heck, yeah. Science-y stuff? Gaming? Sleuthing? Underwear? You betcha! Whether you opt for a one-time gift box or a subscription surprise that arrives in the mail every month, he’ll adore you for it!

Homey Me-Time

A recent online poll bravely asked men right out what the heck they’d like, already?! Most guys agreed that the gift they appreciate most is one that shows you KNOW HIM well; that shows some thought went into the gift. The most upvoted replies were surprising, however: A quiet candle-lit bubble bath was the most agreed-upon request. This was seconded by home décor items that reflect his style (throw pillows, bedding, wall art, candles), and the third most requested items were – get this! – a few pairs of high-quality socks and undies.

Yes, you read that correctly: Socks and underwear. To those of you with your jaws on the floor shouting ‘We thought you hate that stuff! Why would you want that??’ at their screens right now, the answer resounding across the board was: “Because we never buy nice stuff like that for ourselves.”

Socks! Who knew?!

So there ya go. Go buy something nice for the guys in your life. And if, after all this, you still can’t figure it out, we have one final suggestion: Ask him - and do NOT take “giftcard” for an answer!

You’ve got this! Happy gifting!

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