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Decorating a Baby Nursery? Here Are 5 Tips You’ll Want to Take Into Account

Updated: May 10, 2020

Decorating a child’s room can be a daunting task to take on, especially for first-time parents. There’s so much to think about – space, safety, color scheme, furniture, and of course, your all-important personal touch. It’s no wonder so many parents procrastinate til the later stages of pregnancy to get working on their babies’ rooms.

So, without further ado, let’s take a brave step and delve right in!

1. Space

First off, look at the space of the room itself and start planning out where you’d like each piece of furniture to go. Think practicality, safety, and comfort. Just as importantly, make it a room that YOU enjoy. You’ll be spending almost as much time in that room as your baby for the first couple of years. Of course, it may be some time in the future, but try to envision a decorating plan that will grow with your child, as s/he transitions into toddlerhood.

2. Furniture The essentials:

  • Crib You’ll want to choose a crib that’s sturdy and meets all the safety standards. One that allows you to set the mattress height; positioning the mattress higher makes it easier to pick up and set down an infant. When your baby starts to stand up, however, you will need to lower the mattress so they don’t climb out. The crib rail should lock securely, but also slide up and down quietly and with ease.

  • Changing station - The most functional piece in the room, the changing station should, first & foremost, be sturdy, safe, and positioned away from any windows. The second most important feature is height; you’ll be changing baby a lot and often – make sure you’re not breaking your back doing it. The changing surface also needs to be spacious enough to grow with your child – remember, they will be in diapers til around age 3!

  • Storage unit - Consider whether the changing station will be the only storage unit in the room – if it is, it needs to be large enough to contain everything you’ll need. If you plan to have a separate storage unit, it should be within arm’s reach from the changing table and not require you to turn around or take your eyes off your baby.

The nice-to-haves:

  • Comfy chair - Whether you opt for the romantic rocking chair or comfy armchair, the key here is that it’s COMFY FOR YOU. You might want to pad the arm rests for maximum comfort and for baby’s safety.

  • Side table - Sometimes you’ll spend literal hours in that chair with baby in your arms, so you may opt for a small table that will hold a drink of water, tissues, or whatever other essentials. Just make sure this little table is out of the way so you run the risk of banging your knee or tripping on it.

3. Air & Light

A window is a clear necessity in any nursery, to allow for healthy ventilation and lots of bright, natural sunlight during the day. You’ll also want heavy curtains for that same window during daytime naps and bedtime.

Speaking of bedtime, take it from a seasoned mom: it’s not as terrifying as your friends have made it out to be – so take a deep breath and read on. The key to bedtime is to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in baby’s room. Everything in the room should say ‘daytime fun is over, it’s now time for sleep’, and nothing says that more than ambient lighting, some soft music, and a visual key for baby to focus on and tire out those gorgeous little peepers.

See our Art as a Nightlight collection for a better, calmer bedtime. Beautiful kids’ art in a back-lit LED frame that casts a soft, relaxing, ambient light

4. Colors & Themes For the nursery walls, consider foregoing the pretty wallpaper (because you’ll get sick of it one day, and good luck taking it down!) and opting for a good-quality paint in soft neutrals or pastel colors. If you’ve got a color scheme in mind, you’ll need to either find furniture that matches that scheme or paint the furniture you do get. Either way, plan for time to paint and decorate well in advance (you don’t your baby inhaling those heavy paint fumes). If you’re considering a pattern (like stripes, flowers, animals – there are a bazillion paint stencils out there), opt for something YOU like first. Baby won’t care for a good while to come. Having said that, as your kids grow into toddlerhood, you may opt for bolder, more saturated colors to pique their interests in themes that interest them (dinosaurs, fairy tales, astronomy).

Research also shows that it’s never too soon to introduce kids to art, so be sure to include some wall hangings, framed art prints, or any kind of art that will excite their curiosity. As they grow up, we recommend encouraging their interest in art and color, and involving them in the art they choose for their rooms. See our Kids Art gallery for art you toddlers will love!

5. Plan ahead

Sure, it may be far off in the future, but when planning out a nursery, try to envision a decorating plan that will grow with your child as s/he transitions into toddlerhood. A toddler’s room should reflect a safe, nurturing environment that’s both stimulating and interactive. Think colors, patterns, shapes!This is the age when their bedroom turns into a playroom, and will require both a play-area and additional storage. You may want to consider wall-mounted storage units (or at least the type that fasten to the wall and won’t tip over). These will also allow for more floor-space and playing room. The crib will give way to a bed, and the changing station will eventually give way to their creativity station – opt for a table and couple of chairs (for playdates).

See? That wasn’t all that scary. So, grab a pencil, a drawing pad, a cup of tea (always helpful) and start sketching out that beautiful nursery you’ve already envisioned in your head a hundred times. Play around with the space, browse for ideas online, and HAVE FUN!

You’ve got this!

Designing a nursery? Send us a pic and we will help you find the right wall art for it.

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