5 Ways To Add Curves To Your Home Decor

Updated: May 10, 2020

Curved furniture, design, and wall art, mainstays of 1960’s mid-century interiors, are coming back in a big way thanks to their aesthetically transformative power to soften any space. Adding curves in small or big furniture pieces, as well as architecture, accessories, fabric patterns, and posters, can add coziness and warmth to your home decor by breaking up straight lines.

Here are five ways you can incorporate more curved lines into your home:

1) Try soft lines in your wall art: Framed prints with curved depictions can be the perfect way to make your living space feel warm and less austere. While straight lines can give a feeling of organization and order, rounded lines add a sense of snugness and intimacy. To bring this style into your own home, try Better Than Plaster’s prints that incorporate curved lines and images, such as Melting objects 02 by Shai Samana or The Mother by Davit Botch. Best of all, these art prints start at only $20, making them the perfect way to sample the curve trend without breaking the bank. You can also try adding a lightbox to your print. BTP’s lightboxes are self-illuminating frames that add contrast to prints with backlit LED.

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2) Small pieces can pack a punch: Adding small pieces, such as a curved chair or lighting fixture, can soften your living space without requiring too much effort on your part. We love the uncomplicated lines of the iconic Egg™Chair by Arne Jacobsen. It was designed in 1958 for the SAS Royal Copenhagen Hotel in Denmark, but still looks as timeless and modern today as it did back then. If owning an heirloom piece like this is out of your budget, don’t despair. You can bring the same contemporary feel into your home by looking for pieces that offer oval-shaped backings and rounded, winged arms.

3) Go big with statement furniture: Ready to go all in and make a statement with a jaw-dropping piece or architectural flourishes that will be the focal point of your room? Larger curved pieces, like couches or dining tables, will still offer the same effortless vibe but also double as works of art. To make this style work, we recommend giving these larger pieces a place in the center of your room, and accentuating with smaller curved accessories, like lamps or artwork (see below). We’re big fans of the Noguchi table, designed by Isamu Noguchi and manufactured by Herman Miller. You could also add curves in architecture, like doorways and windows, if you’re ready to add this style into your home’s infrastructure.

4) Add curved pieces to save space: Curves can help smaller spaces feel roomier. If you live in an apartment, bringing in a smaller dining table with classic, rounded lines or even a more statement design with a circular top will make your room feel bigger. It can also help bring people together by allowing everyone at the table to see one another and talk easily. The Saarinen Table, created by Eero Saarinen, is a great example of bringing in oval, minimalist design that is small enough to fit in any kitchen alcove, yet still able to impact your room’s overall feng shui.

5) Accessories can make any room more inviting: Love the curved look but not necessarily looking to overhaul your furniture? Adding smaller accessories or fabric patterns, like lamps or pillows, can be an easy way to make a room feel comfortable yet stylish. Flos’ Arco Floor Lamp, created in 1962 by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, expertly demonstrates sleek meets warmth. Love the look? Consider adding an arched floor lamp to your living room.

Adding round lines to your home decor can be as involved as investing in a large, statement piece, or as small as purchasing a new print. Whichever route you choose, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with the playful lines and open space it creates.

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