/ Australia

Casey Fry

Casey spent two years in Perth growing a following for her aerial-inspired epoxy resin artwork and has been living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for 12 months; this experience inspired her current collection ‘The 30 Series’. The collection was completed in an Amsterdam Studio, with the originals scanned at high resolution and now available in print format. The works are inspired by European destinations she has visited, and are named for the stories, adventures & people on those journeys. Casey seeks to create a feeling of freedom and wanderlust in her artwork, inspiring others to seek out adventure and joy in their life. 

Casey is most proud of her adaption in creating photographic-like artworks of nature and especially the ocean. Casey is committed to always changing and adapting, experimenting with new techniques & is always seeking new ways of working. Watch this space, big things are evolving & ‘The 30 Series’ is an amazing introduction to Casey Fry Art.